Vinari OS 3.0.0 ARGON

An improved base,
for a brand new generation.

The brand new Vinari OS 3.0.0 ARGON, is going to present the biggest change since it's first release in 2017; Now more stable, secure and beautiful than ever. The new Vinari OS is Debian based and uses the GNU core utils, GNOME (3.38.5) will be used as the default desktop environment, and will feature some modifications that will allow the OS to adapt to the user's workflow, and could even offer some improvements.
Like always, Vinari OS will come with dozens of preinstalled applications ready to go as soon as the installation is over, helping the user accomplish everything that needs to be done.

Vinari OS 3.0.0 ARGON

More stable than ever!

Vinari OS is now based on Debian stable, this guarantees that the software you install in your computer has been selected as the most stable version of the app, and will not cause problems or conflicts when it is used.

However, this does not mean that Vinari OS will not be frequently updated quite the opposite, the OS will receive various updates to improve performance, security and support for new hardware; since this has always been top priority for Vinari OS and for Debian.

Also, you have at your disposal a huge library of available applications in the Debian repositories, and if this is not enough, you also have the entirety of Flathub's applications, since Vinari OS will fully support Flatpak and AppImage packages. Thanks to this, there is no application that cannot be installed.

Debian logo

The best friend of a developer.

From the moment Vinari OS starts, you have several development tools at your disposal. App development, web development, scripting, etc. All of this can be done in Vinari OS without the need of extra packages, this allows developers to start coding wherever they are. Vinari OS includes the GNU C/C++ compiler, and also includes the Ruby and Python interpreter thanks to this you can focus on writing good code instead of managing dependencies and packages.
Vinari OS will include (optionally) a SDK to allow everybody to develop GTK 3, and Vala applications. Using this method, the resulting applications will look native and will adjust to the GTK theme and icon set without problems.
If this is not enough, Vinari OS includes GNU Emacs, and it is compatible with all the famous text editors, like Sublime Text 3, Atom, VS Codium, etc. This allows the developer to use the best tool for the job on the fastest, most stable and secure OS.

Vinari OS running GNU Emacs and GNOME Terminal on a laptop

Any application at your disposal!

Vinari OS 3.0.0 ARGON will fully support Flatpak out of the box, and will include Flathub as the main repository for this kind of packages; thanks to this, you will be able to install popular applications like Spotify, Minecraft, Discord, Steam, and much more with just one click in Software Center, you can even install applications that have not been packaged in the *.deb format, and use them regardless, also you can keep your applications up to date, thanks to constant updates being pushed by the Flathub maintainers.

Flatpak also has full control over the packages dependencies, and this allows the user to install and use the application instead of worrying about finding the correct version of an obscure dependency.

It also provides a great platform for developers to deploy their new ideas and reach the entire Linux community without worrying about different names of the same dependencies, or packaging formats. Flatpak will make installing, using, developing and publishing new apps way too simple.

GNOME Software icon

Ready to work from home.

Vinari OS 3.0.0 ARGON is fully prepared to this tough times, and includes the whole LibreOffice 7.5 suite, thanks to this, you will be able to complete whatever kind of work comes your way, the new LibreOffice has extraordinary compatibility with other document extensions; this is quite important since a lot of people still use restrictive and proprietary alternatives, and this will not limit how well you can display and edit documents.

Also, thanks to the inclusion of Flatpak, you could install LibreOffice alternatives to improve even more compatibility with other document extensions.
Video-calls have become an important part of our life, and in Vinari OS you can install Zoom, Teams, Slack, and much more.

Vinari OS running LibreOffice Writter on a laptop

No planned obsolescence!

Unlike some hardware and software vendors, Vinari OS 3.0.0 ARGON will not restrict what kind of hardware is supported, as long as it complies with the minimum requirements, it does not matter if your computer is two months old, or ten years old. This is an intentional decision by VINARI SOFTWARE to allow everybody to try and migrate to Vinari OS, since we believe that the end users should be able to run whatever they want on the hardware they already have.

Thanks to Vinari OS's modularity, you could completely remove the GNOME desktop environment and replace it with something better suited to your computer's specs. Because that is freedom, and that is the cornerstone of this project

GNOME Clocks icon

A place to relax and enjoy life.

Vinari OS 3.0.0 ARGON includes some of the best multimedia applications right out of the box, thanks to this, you can listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite show, or reminisce with old photos. Thanks to Lollypop it is easier than ever to manage your music collection, you just have to place it in your Music folder, and it will be organized automatically; all you have to do, is enjoy it.

Vinari OS also includes Shotwell, this amazing application allows you to manage, edit, print and classify all of your pictures from one simple place. Shotwell has great compatibility with various file formats, therefore, you do not have to worry about some of your pictures being lost or inaccessible.

Vinari OS also includes Totem, an incredible and lightweight music/video player; it has one of the easiest interfaces ever, however this does not mean that Totem lacks features, because it does not, since it allows the user to control the speed of the video, add subtitles, modify the aspect ratio of the video, and a lot more.

Vinari OS running Lollypop and Totem on a laptop

Five years of updates and new builds!

Vinari OS 3.0.0 ARGON, like all previous versions will have a support time of five years starting the day it is released, thanks to this, the users that just want to install an OS and use it for a long time will be very pleased, however the OS will receive package updates every time there is one available, and there will be a new build of Vinari OS every time Debian 11 gets a significant upgrade, this ensures the maximum level of security for our users.

Vinari OS 3.0.0 ARGON will also support Flatpak, and this guarantees that the user will always have the latest version of whatever application they are using, and also helps the OS to feel modern after the two or three years it takes for a new Vinari OS release.

Update Manager

Make your desktop look like you want to.

With the brand new Vinari OS Tweaks application, it is easier than ever to customize the look and feel of your desktop, thanks to dark, and light themes, and also the completly new accent colors for those users who love the classic Vinari OS color scheme.

You have complete control to customize the position and behaviour of the dock, window controls, desktop icons, tray icons, and so much more, to make the Vinari OS desktop, truly yours and make it integrate well with your workflow, investing as little time as possible.

With the new Vinari OS Tweaks, you can also customize the font size system wide for those users who have trouble seeing little text, and you can even reset the entire desktop environment if you are not pleased with the customization you did.

Vinari OS running Tweaks on a laptop

Check if your PC can run Vinari OS 3.0.0 ARGON

  • Processor: Dual core 64 bit only Intel or AMD running at 1.5 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB (3 GB required for better experience).
  • Graphics: AMD, Nvidia or Intel with 64 MB of Video RAM.
  • Display: 1024x768 resolution.
  • Startup system: BIOS or UEFI.
  • Storage: 9 GB free on an EXT4 partition.
  • Input device: Mouse and keyboard or touchscreen.

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