Vinari OS SDK

Includes templates for creating GTK applications with Vala, GNOME Extensions with JavaScript and CLI utilities with C++.
Created for Vinari OS 3.0.0 ARGON and all the app developers using it.

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We simply love Vala.


Vala is a programming language using modern high level abstractions without imposing additional runtime requirements and without using a different ABI compared to applications and libraries written in C. Vala uses the GObject type system and has additional code generation routines that make targeting the GNOME stack simple.

Some of the features supported by Vala are: Interfaces, Properties, Signals, Foreach, Lambda expressions, Assisted memory management, Exception handling.

A big advantage of Vala is that the compiler allows developers to write complex object-oriented code rapidly while maintaining a standard C API and ABI and keeping the memory requirements low.

To get started

Read Vala's documentation.
Learn Vala and GTK.

Is there a more beautiful GUI toolkit?


GTK is an object-oriented widget toolkit written in the programming language C; it uses GObject, that is the GLib object system, for the object orientation.
GTK can be configured to change the look of the widgets drawn; this is done using different display engines. Several display engines exist which try to emulate the look of the native widgets on the platform in use.

To get started

Read GTK's documentation.

Everything can be extended.


GNOME Shell extensions are designed to give a high degree of power to the parts of the GNOME interface managed by the shell, such as window management and application launching.

It loads arbitrary JavaScript and CSS; this provides developers a way to modify the look and add or remove functionallity to the shell, and share those changes with others, without having to modify the original source code.

To get started

Read GJS's documentation.
How to create a GNOME Extension.

C++ never fails.


C++ is a powerful general-purpose programming language. It can be used to develop operating systems, browsers, games, and so on. C++ is considered well-structured and a safer language than C as it is object oriented.

The C++ language has two main components: a direct mapping of hardware features provided primarily by the C subset, and zero-overhead abstractions based on those mappings.

Some of the features supported by C++ are: Templates, Objects, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Lambda expressions, Enumerated types.

To get started

Read C++ documentation.
C++ Crash Course.

Why should you use the
Vinari OS SDK?

  • Start developing native applications for Vinari OS or any Linux distribution.
  • Extend the functionallity of GNOME Shell.
  • Help the Vinari OS project.
  • Create an application that improves your workflow.
  • Improve your knowledge about GTK, GNOME or Linux in general.
  • Learn something new!

Download version 1.1.0 now!


Allows you to start or stop the server and database services without the need to use the Terminal.
Also, shows details about the current network setup.
Created for Vinari OS 3.0.0 ARGON and all the web developers using it.

Laptop with Vinari OS SDK

Create your personal home page.


VAMM includes PHP 7.4, thanks to this inclusion, you can take full advantage of WordPress templates, Laravel projects, easy mailing capabilities from your website, and of course, a very simple way to connect to your database and manage it right from your PHP document.

Thanks to PHP's simple and familiar syntax, developers are able to create a functioning and good looking website in a matter of hours, furthermore, since PHP is a loosely typed language, developers can manage their data easily, converting it to any type imaginable, and checking it with the function 'gettype()'

With PHP's error reporting and handling, there is not a scenario that can break your website... Except for the one bug you did not catch... Anyway, PHP offers over 16 kinds of throwable exceptions, that can be managed using the familiar 'try' and 'catch' keywords.

To get started

Read PHP's documentation.
Learn PHP in simple lessons.

Your server needs to be rock solid.


When you install VAMM, you automatically get the Apache server, and testing if it works is as simple as typing 'localhost' in the address bar of your favorite web browser.

Some of the amazing features you get with Apache server are: Loadable dynamic modules, handling of static files, .htaccess configuration per directory, IPv6 support, PHP, Pearl, and Lua support, FTP support, user and session tracking, and much more.

Also, Apache server is free and open source software, so you can rest easy, knowing that a huge community of developers has your back. It should be noted that as of Early 2021, Apache is the most used server in the world, so that, must mean quality.

To get started

Read Apache's documentation.

A free database is a good database.


MariaDB is a fork of MySQL, that aims to be free and open source software, it is released under the GPL license, and it maintains a high level of compatibility with the propetary MySQL.

It uses the familiar MySQL DDL syntax, as well as the DML syntax, pretty much working as a drop in replacement for the propetary RDMS. VAMM includes MariaDB because of it's high level of compatibility and our belief that free software, is the best kind of software.

To get started

Read MariaDB's documentation.

Why should you use VAMM?

  • Begin your journey as a web developer.
  • Learn how to manage Linux servers.
  • Manage your business web services.
  • Create a useful web application.
  • Improve your knowledge about PHP, MariaDB, and Linux.
  • Learn something new!

Download version 1.0.1 now!

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