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Vinari OS is a project that started in late 2015, with the main goal of developing a mostly free and open source, but convenient GNU/Linux distribution. The project is currently maintained and developed by VINARI SOFTWARE. It gets a new release every two years, and it’s main target is to present a stable, secure, beautiful and easy to use alternative for Microsoft Windows and macOS for users that want to use GNU/Linux on daily basis.

Vinari OS is built to the a free, secure and stable OS, that is why acting as the heart of the project is the Linux kernel and the GNU core utilities.
Vinari OS is built to be compatible with as much software and hardware as possible, that’s why the base distribution is Debian Stable, and also Flatpak as a secondary package manager, thanks to all of this, you, the user can install any application that you want in your computer in a comfortable and secure way.

In the world of Linux distributions there are thousands and thousands of distributions that specialize in a certain use case, however, Vinari OS is not a distribution that tries to cover every single field, quite the opposite, Vinari OS tries to be the best distribution for an average computer user that just wants to type an essay, browse the web, listen to some music, or maybe just wants to play some retro games using an emulator. Also, Vinari OS offers certain tools for the user that enjoys developing a website or some scripts, because Vinari OS includes the GNU GCC compiler, Python 3 and Ruby right out of the box.

Trying to sum all this up, Vinari OS is a Linux distribution for every kind of person that uses a computer, is a distribution that tries to make Debian and Linux more accessible, intuitive, and beautiful, and that is why VINARI SOFTWARE is so proud to announce that the use of terminal emulators, is something considered optional for new Vinari OS users; however for those users that want to use a terminal emulator, Vinari OS includes some very popular and powerful commands like: Links, Cmus, Nano, Emacs, Cat, Wget, Awk, etc. Also, it includes a lot of useful scripts developed by VINARI SOFTWARE specifically for Vinari OS designed to make some repetitive tasks a lot easier.

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