Current version of Vinari OS 1.0.0 XENON: 2018.0.
Current version of Vinari OS 1.0.0 XENON's kernel: 4.9.295 (December 2021).
Download the latest Vinari OS release.

Download Vinari OS 1.0.0 XENON's updated kernel

How do I install the update once it has been downloaded?

Step 1:
Open a terminal emulator and go to the folder where you saved the update file.

Step 2:
Type 'chmod +x Vinari-OS-XENON-*-SecurityKernel-Update-*.sh' in your terminal emulator.

Step 3:
Type 'sudo ./Vinari-OS-XENON-*-SecurityKernel-Update-*.sh' in your terminal emulator
and follow the update process.

All the commands must be written in the terminal emulator without quotes.

If you do not need to update the kernel, or you are a rookie user, please do not try to do this.

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